New Jersey Roadtrip 4-21-2001

Chris Mason and Ray Martin

New Jersey 21 South (McCarter Highway) approaching the old viaduct. The Broad St. & Miller St. intersection will be replaced with ramps as part of the viaduct project.

Travelling southbound over the old New Jersey 21 viaduct. This viaduct, built in the 1930s, features two 10-ft lanes in each direction and lacks a center divider and shoulders. The new viaduct that can be seen to the right is expected to be complete in 2003. It will feature three 12-ft lanes in each direction along with full shoulders and a central divider.

New Jersey 21 viaduct construction as seen from the NJ-21 to U.S. 22 West ramp. I-78 is in the background. Work is being done between I-78 and U.S. 22 for the new viaduct ramps. A direct connection to and from I-78 will finally be provided for NJ-21.

Work on the approach ramps for the new New Jersey 21 viaduct in Newark. The old bussinesses between McCarter Highway and Broad St. have been removed to make room for the new viaduct ramps.

A view of the NJ-21 double decked roadway from Harrison.

Another view of the NJ-21 double decked roadway from Harrison.


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