Interstate 95:  starting in Miami, Florida, it spans the entire East Coast of the United States and links the biggest cities of the Megalopolis as it runs all the way to the Canadian border in Maine ... with one gap.  These pages tell the story of the Interstate 95 Gap in maps, from the beginning to today.  They also show images of the current gap and the ways around it.

Map 1:  I-95 Corridor Shifts, 1954 - 1982

Map 2:  Adopted Route, 1964

Map 3:  Re-extended Route, 1968
Map 4:  Connectors Added, 1976
Map 5:  All Considered Alignments, 1979
Map 6:  Preferred Alternative Schematics and Exit List, 1979
Map 7:  Exit Number Changes, 1984 - 1996
Map 8:  I-95 Gap Corridor Today
Map 9:  The Future I-95/I-276 Interchange
The I-95 Gap Eastern Bypass

The I-95 Eastern Route
The I-95 Western Route
The I-95 Gap Western Bypass

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